Managing your apps

The user dahboard is where you'll create new apps, and manage existing ones. Besides, you'll have access to learning materials to help get you started with Genie Cloud.

Creating an app

To create an app, click on Create New App, and in the dialog that opens enter the app's name and a short description. The app's name is be used to set the deployment url URL as Hence, it must be in lower case and not include special characters.

The new app will appear on the grid in the dashboard, along with several buttons to perform actions on it.

To start editing the app's code, click the Edit button. This will load the app and open the following development environment:

  1. The no-code editor displaying the default content.
  2. The list of existing apps, plus status info and shortcuts.
  3. The source files for your apps

From here, you can start writing your Julia code into app.jl, and implementing the UI with the no-code editor. Any changes you make to the source files will be automatically loaded into the app while it is running.

Running an in-development app

Clicking on Edit on the dashboard will automatically launch the app, thus making it accessible from a browser while the development environment is active. To stop and start apps from the development environment, click on the or icons that appear when hovering next to an app's name in the app list.

Once you exit the development environment, all in-development apps will be stopped after a short time.

To preview a running app, click on the icon next to the GET tab in the left, or right-click to bring up the contextual menu.

Deploying an app

Deploying your app to production makes it accessible to anyone on the Internet. To deploy, go back to the user dashboard and click on the Deploy button for your app.

You'll be able to access the deployed app after a short time by clicking on Open, or by typing in the browser.

Deleting an app

To delete an app from the dashboard, click on the button on the app's card and select delete. You can also delete from the development environment by right clicking on a stopped app's name in the app list and selecting Delete app.

If you just want to pause a deployed app, select Suspend on the menu in the app's card on the user dashboard.