The Genie Framework ecosystem

Genie Cloud is built on top of Genie Framework, an open source framework that includes all you need to quickly build production-ready web applications with Julia. With Genie Framework you can develop Julia backends, create beautiful web UIs, build data applications and dashboards, integrate with databases and set up high-performance web services and APIs.

The API for writing backend code and reactive UIs in Genie Cloud is provided by the package GenieFramework.jl, and it has been specially designed for writing interactive data apps with minimum amounts of boilerplate code. To work with databases, the SearchLight.jl package provides an ORM that works with Julia objects and queries. This documentation page covers the new API in GenieFramework.jl and the functionality of SearchLight.jl.

For more advanced use cases such as building MVC apps, adding authentication or developing web services, see the documentation on the Genie Framework site. For code examples, see the App Gallery and the examples GitHub repository.


Implement the server-side logic and infrastructure of Genie apps.

Reactive UI

Build interactive web apps with minimal boilerplate code.


Create, query, update and delete database records using native Julia structures and syntax.